Why we prioritise mobile first


Do you know why your website should be mobile-friendly? In today’s blog, we discuss why we prioritise mobile first.

The mobile-first approach prioritises the user experience on mobile devices, which are increasingly becoming the primary way that many people access the internet.

With this approach, designers and developers ensure that the mobile version of a website is optimised for small screens, touch-based navigation, and fast loading times, even before considering the desktop version. This leads to better user experience, higher engagement, and improved search engine rankings, which can positively impact a business or organisation.

Google and other search engines prioritise mobile-friendly websites in their search results, so adopting a mobile-first approach can help improve a business's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and visibility.

Here are some stats:

  1. In 2021, it is estimated that over 60% of internet traffic will come from mobile devices. (Source: Statista)
  2. A study by Google found that over 80% of users reported using their mobile devices to search for products and services and that over 50% of users who had a poor mobile experience with a business were less likely to engage with that business again in the future. (Source: Google)
  3. Another study found that mobile-friendly websites are more likely to rank higher in search engine results, with over 60% of Google searches now coming from mobile devices. (Source: Search Engine Land)
  4. Research by Unbounce found that mobile-optimised landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates, with users over 70% more likely to convert on a mobile-friendly site than a non-optimised site. (Source: Unbounce)
  5. A study by Hubspot found that a majority of consumers expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less and that 40% of users will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load on their mobile device. (Source: Hubspot)

With the continued growth of mobile internet usage, a mobile-first approach can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and ensure that their website remains relevant and accessible to users in the future.

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