Inventory management at Geronimo
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Inventory management at Geronimo

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Customers want to see your inventory: Let us seamlessly publish it to your website.

At Geronimo, we understand that advertising a client's inventory is crucial to any dealership's online presence. We have developed a range of inventory management solutions to ensure that our clients have the tools they need to manage their inventory effectively.

Importing inventory data

When a client joins the Geronimo programme, we offer three ways to import their inventory data:

  •   Automated feed from existing providers icon  

    Automated feed from existing providers

    Many of our clients already process and store their inventory on a platform or portal. We work with these 3rd party portals and platforms to develop an integration that automatically allows us to import the client's inventory onto their Geronimo website. We maintain these integrations as part of our ongoing development support, ensuring that the client's inventory data is always up to date.

  •   FTP batch upload icon  

    FTP batch upload

    We provide access to a Geronimo FTP server for clients who don't use a portal or platform or if the platform can't support integration with Geronimo. This allows clients to upload their inventory data in a pre-defined format that we can then import into their Geronimo website.

  •   Manual upload icon  

    Manual upload

    Finally, for clients who wish to move their inventory management over to Geronimo, we provide an inventory management tool that allows them to upload their stock directly to their website via the Geronimo CMS.

Inventory management features

Once the inventory data is imported, our clients can take advantage of a range of inventory management features, including:

  •   Inventory search icon  

    Inventory search

    Inventory search functionality for users to easily find the vehicles they are interested in.

  •   Inventory comparison tools icon  

    Inventory comparison tools

    Inventory comparison tools, allowing users to compare different vehicles side-by-side.

  •   Vehicle detail pages icon  

    Vehicle detail pages

    Vehicle detail pages that display all the relevant information about the vehicle, including specifications, features, and images.

  •   Vehicle pricing management icon  

    Vehicle pricing management

    Ability to manage vehicle pricing, including setting discounts and offers.

  •   3rd party provider integrations icon  

    3rd party provider integrations

    Integration with 3rd party providers, such as finance companies, to display relevant information to users.

Our partners

We have developed and maintained inventory integrations with the below companies. So if you are already managing your inventory with one of these providers, then Geronimo can seamlessly connect your new website to that existing data for nightly updates.

If the company that you use to manage your inventory is not listed below, then please get in touch as our in-house development team may be able to develop an integration for you.

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