Adobe Analytics reporting and dashboards for our OEM clients
 Adobe Analytics reporting and dashboards for our OEM clients icon

Adobe Analytics reporting & dashboards for our OEM clients

Adobe Analytics

Understanding the need for Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics is one of the leading analytics platforms used by businesses to track and analyse their website traffic and user behaviour. It provides in-depth insights into how users are interacting with your website, where they are coming from, and what actions they are taking.

At Geronimo, we understand the importance of tracking and analysing website traffic data to make informed business decisions. This is why we have partnered with Adobe Analytics to provide our OEM clients with a comprehensive view of their dealer website traffic data for their given markets.

To understand how this differs from our Google Analytics services, you must first understand the business relationship. At Geronimo, we work with both OEMs and dealerships. Both client types have different needs regarding data.

The dealerships want to see granular data about each visit, and Google Analytics is best for that. However, the OEM clients want to see aggregated data for all the dealerships in a given country, and when it comes to aggregating data, Adobe Analytics is a better product than Google Analytics for working and analysing big data sets.

How we deploy Adobe Analytics

Our deployment of Adobe Analytics is specifically configured to work with the Geronimo website platform and data layer. This ensures that all key events and user touchpoints are accurately tracked and measured, providing our clients with a comprehensive view of their website performance. Here's how we deploy Adobe Analytics for our clients:

  •   Customised Reports and Dashboards icon  

    Customised reports and dashboards

    We work with Adobe Analytics specialists to create customised reports and dashboards that are specific to our client's needs. These reports provide a consolidated view of all associated dealer websites in any given region or country, enabling our clients to make informed business decisions based on comprehensive data.

  •   Tracking and Analysis of User Behaviour icon  

    Tracking and analysis of user behaviour

    Our Adobe Analytics deployment tracks and analyses user behaviour on our client's websites, providing valuable insights into how users interact with their websites. This includes data on user engagement, page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

  •   Integration with SEO and Content Strategy icon  

    Integration with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content strategy

    Our Adobe Analytics deployment is integrated with our SEO and content strategy services. This allows us to track the performance of targeted keywords and phrases and monitor the impact of our content strategies on website traffic and user behaviour.

How Geronimo manages Adobe Analytics for our clients

At Geronimo, we are committed to providing our clients with the best website solutions and analytics tools to help them make informed business decisions. Our deployment of Adobe Analytics is just one example of how we leverage industry-leading technologies to help our clients succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our website solutions and analytics services.

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